Introducing our warm, loving and approachable God.


Before we start, it is important to understand who we are in God’s eyes, as opposed to through the eyes of greedy televangelists or angry preachers who scream about our unworthiness, or God’s wrath.

God created us as objects of His love; He should not be characterized as an angry God, with a big stick ready to crush us the moment we mess up (although He does get angry). On the contrary, to those who get to truly know Him, He is a gentle Father, with wide-open arms, patiently and lovingly pursuing each and every one of us to come home.

You may be an intellectual ‘free thinker’, or maybe you’re a religious person who trusts the traditional beliefs of your family, either way, are you able to set aside all preconceptions and try and interpret old information, from a different perspective? If so, then all I am asking for is just another 60 seconds….