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The Truth – A Vision Given To A Trusted Friend in Sept 2016

Background I give thanks to His Majesty, the Son of the Living God, for not destroying me in my wicked ways. I am not a prophet, not a ‘somebody’ in His Kingdom; without doubt I am the definition of a nobody in His Kingdom.
This vision was received in late September, 2016.

The Vision I saw a woman. She was dressed in scarlet and had wavy, styled, hair. She danced in a gay, carefree, manner. She seemed at peace. Her peace came from an ‘all-is-well-with-me’ attitude – she was carefree.
I saw her in a room. Other dancers came into view. They were waltzing, and happy. Happy in their accomplishments, expressing their happiness in dancing. The phrases “without a care” and “the world is my oyster” come to mind, in describing them.

I was in the midst of this scene.

The vision panned to my right. I saw what looked like iron bars, in a circle, and my immediate thought was “this looks like a circular jail cell”. As I looked at them, they became clearer. I did not move, but my discernment of them became clearer. The ‘iron bars’ became white hot – bright white with heat. Then as I looked, they weren’t bars at all, but bright white swords – double edged swords – with their hilts pointed up and their sharpened tips on the ground. I remember thinking how majestic they looked.

In an instant I was translated into this ring of swords. I did not move myself. I was moved into this bright, white, majestic ring of double edged swords. I observed myself from the original position I was in at the beginning of the vision. I saw that the ‘me’ in the ring of swords was kneeling down, with my back to the world. I immediately discerned that the room where I was, with the dancers, was the world, and the swords was the Word of God. I also discerned that the dancers – the world – were now also looking at the ring of swords, only they didn’t see swords, they saw iron bars. And they were laughing. The mocking kind. They mocked the ‘me’ in the ring of swords, saying “look! he’s in jail, ha ha, we’re free, he’s not!”

I looked at the ‘me’ in that ring of swords. He was at peace. Deeply at peace. And he was with joy. He was deeply joyful. Immediately, the thought that had been running through my mind for many days prior to this vision came to me: “Pleasure does not equal joy”. And I discerned that his movements, in that ring of swords, was deliberate, full of grace and meaningful, almost like they had eternal consequences for good.

I turned slightly to the messenger who delivered this vision. I did not see him. I asked, why is the ‘me’ in the ring of swords alone? Shouldn’t there be other Christians in there as well? A still small voice answered, and said, gently – “the ring of swords represents your heart, the swords represent My Truth, and if you abide in My Word and My Word abides in you, you are My disciple indeed.”

This was a warning to me, and to anyone else who thinks the Lord can be mocked, deceiving themselves. The peace and safety we look for, the world looks for too. The world finds it in being free of cares, in material comfort and in pleasure. We find peace and safety in Him. The world considers His Word, His Truth, to be confining. He says His Truth sets us free. The world seeks achievement thru personal effort, He says we can do nothing by ourselves.

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Innocence vs. Ignorance


Jesus said, "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing."
 ~Luke 23:34

What does that mean for a man or woman today? I think this is one of the most important quotes in all history, because it is one of the keys to understanding, in as much as it is possible, the “Grace of God”. In other words, His unmerited favor, extended to His broken children, in love, so that they can spend eternity with Him, without actually having to DO ANYTHING to deserve it.

When I look at my own life, from child hood until now, I think my standing before God was as follows:

Stage 1 – Conception until pre-teens: Unaccountable and loved

I was not at an age of reason to the point that I understood what is sin, and that I am accountable for my thoughts and actions inasmuch as it relates to God’s justice

Stage 2 – Circa 13yo until 28yo: Guilty, ignorant and loved

This stage was the period immediately following me coming of age and being accountable for my sin, being aware of the existence of God (although I denied it in my atheistic delusion), but not understanding the significance of these things. Just like the Roman soldier that crucified Christ, and of who He said “They know not what they do”, God wanted to forgive me, but that was only possible if His mercy was accompanied by the requirement that His judgement also be satisfied. A spiritual balancing act of sorts.

Stage 3 Circa 28.4yo to 28.7yo – Guilty, convicted and loved

This is when I heard the gospel of Jesus Christ, understood to some extent its significance, and new that I had to make a choice to accept or reject His offer to pay the price for my sin, or reject it. In this time I realised that there was NOTHING I could do to earn my way into Heaven, and that religion, good works, charitable donation, sacrificial service and other warm and fuzzy feeling activities, although pleasing to God and man, counted for nothing as far as eternal life was concerned. This is when I realized that if it were possible for me to earn my way into Heaven, then Jesus would not have had to die for my sins, and that to think I was deserving of Heaven, was to rub salt into His wounds.

Stage 4 28.7yo to present- Redeemed, assured and loved

This stage began when I was “saved” by God’s free gift of faith, I did nothing other than to trust Him and believe what He said.

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We Are Created for His Pleasure

From my friend Aman Jun 18, 2012

We are created for His pleasure. And He alone defines what His pleasure is…. Us!

Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power:
for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.

Rev 4:11

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