If anyone on earth can clearly explain the Trinity, he or she deserves a medal, and frankly, it is not possible (keep in mind the word is not used in the Bible either). God is one entity, He is not three different Gods as some cults teach. However, He does have three distinct personalities that express His attributes in different ways. Although a crude analogy, I explained it to my kids thus:

“I am one Man, and yet I fulfil three stations in life, I am (1) A widower (though once a husband), and (2) a father, and (3) a friend; I am one and yet three all at the same time!”

Matthew 28:19–20 instructs Christians to baptize new believers “… in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”  In a believer’s baptism (as opposed to an infant baptism), Christians publicly identify themselves with the Triune Godhead (Trinity). They acknowledge that God is (1) their Father, that (2) Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior, and that (3) the Holy Spirit is the one who indwells the believer’s heart and empowers, and teaches him or her.

It is worth noting that the word “Name” in Matthew 28:19 is singular; in other words, God has one name or essence, yet three Persons—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Confused? Me too…