It is a common saying… not entirely true; but I have seen some things to support the hypothesis; I’ll get back to this entry later.

UPDATE 13 May 2016:

My wife a few weeks before cancer diagnosis

As I type this, my 45 year old wife, and mother of three, is dying of recurrent gastric cancer. 2 months ago she was running 5KM a day. I am literally typing this from a fold-out bed in my wife’s hospital room. She is in the palliative care unit, and we have been told her life should be measured in weeks, but not months.

It is now two years and three months after I published this page with only the title, and the one sentence paragraph at the top of the page. It is exactly one year and six months since she was first diagnosed. It is One year and three months since she had her stomach completely removed and began to recover miraculously, at least for long enough to get us ready for this new journey together, and with so many people watching.

Needless to say, I will now have a lot more to say on this question. But for now, I will concentrate on caring for my beautiful bride.

Why is Heidi Not Scared of Dying?

If you would like to know why Heidi has no fear of death, and why she is still so interested in the welfare of others, rather than her own problems, and why nurses in her ward are being brought to tears by Heidi’s graceful departure, then please take a look at the thoughts we have been writing down in this blog over the last few years: Click Here

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