Can I “think” my way into heaven?

The following interpretation of intellectual pursuit of salvation sums up the question nicely. It also answers those who think that  esoteric knowledge (secret knowledge) can bring salvation.

The Lord God is so much more than your thoughts, prayers,
songs, visions; anything you can attempt to conceive of Me
falls universes short of the least of My power.  

I transcend the earthly realm so greatly, so magnificently.  
If you only believed, for faith is truly the only vehicle
I can give to My people to tap into My awesome being.  
There is no other faculty you possess that can begin to touch this.  

Intellect, imagination, deep thoughts are earthly gifts
I give you, but they bring you no closer to My victory.  
This is why My graces are as open to the learned as to the
uneducated, even to those lame of mind.  

The spirit in a man overcomes all for it is his connection
to the eternal.  Begin to tap into it more.  Books and treatises
are only helpful to the extent they might light a spark,
but it is only your divine communion to the Savior that brings
life-changing power.  

‘I am the Alpha and Omega.’  My infinite grace, power, knowledge,
resources encompassed by My passionate love for you enter
into every situation where you call on Me to intercede.  
Do not believe the lies.  Anything that ever causes you to think
any less of My greatness and what I am capable of completely
metamorphisizing is a lie.  I am more awesome in all I am
than you will ever conceive in a million lifetimes.  

Mankind still fails to define or describe Me after how many
centuries?  Don’t think too long on Me.  Just enter into My presence
and I will do the rest.