If you are still here, then God is probably purposefully revealing Himself to you already, God seeks us, we do not naturally seek Him. On the other hand, if my message repulses you, maybe as intensely as the smell of a dead animal on the roadside (as it once did for me), then it is probably not your time.

Unlike in B.C. times (Before Jesus came), today God reveals Himself to us primarily in one way only, and I’ll explain that in following pages. Before that, we need a quick history lesson. For thousands of years God revealed Himself to people in many different ways, sometimes audibly with spoken words, or through dreams, angels, or through His prophets. Each time, the person who heard from God had to choose whether to believe:

(a) in the reality of God; AND
(b) that God can be trusted, AND
(c) that God rewards those who diligently seek Him, OR
(d) none of the above.

That’s it, if the ancient “seeker” trusted God, then God rewarded that trust with the gift of faith, and with faith came eternal life!

In each and every historical case, God did not require that person to do anything, except trust Him. If the person truly trusted God, he or she was from that moment forward guaranteed eternal life. Now, it is important to understand that any good works the believer did before OR after trusting God, did not play any part in gaining eternal life, that is a gift from God through faith, we cannot earn eternal life, despite what some religions might preach.

We are made in God’s image and, even apart from Him, we know right from wrong and how to behave ourselves. Good works that come after trusting God, are done simply in loving obedience, enhanced by the shift from spiritual death into spiritual life or, “enlightenment” if you will. Next we will define “faith”, and how it relates to “trust” or “belief”.