The very question “What must I do to be saved?” is a paradox. In as much as salvation is a free gift of love from God, the verb “DO”, as used in the question, could confuse us into thinking there is some act we can perform to bring about our restoration with God. This is where the English language reveals some of its deficiencies.

So far we have clearly eliminated our physical acts as playing any part in our salvation, so what is left…‘Choice’? I know this will sound pedantic, but I even struggle with the word Choice in this situation because it might imply that there is some kind of logical or intellectual act on my part that restores me to God.

The best word I can think of to describe what it is we must “do to be saved”, is respond. We do not seek God unless He first seeks us. If therefore He is seeking you now, and you will know it if He is, then all you have to do is respond, and that response should be a resounding “YES!”.

Yes, I believe You are the one and only God;
Yes, I believe I am lost;
Yes, I believe I cannot do anything to earn my way into Heaven,
Yes, I believe that my attempts to be good please you, but they will never deal with my sin problem;
Yes, I believe you wrapped yourself in our skin and came to Earth as Jesus Christ, so that You could deal with my sin problem;
Yes, I believe Jesus willingly sacrificed Himself on the cross as a scapegoat in my place;
Yes, I believe His sacrifice is ALL that is needed to cover my sins and that through Jesus alone, your Love, Justice and Mercy are satisfied so that you can give me eternal life, without any conditions, forever and ever.
Yes, I believe You love me with limitless love and that you will not rest until I come home;
Yes, I love you too!
Yes, I trust you Jesus, and want you to be my Lord, my King and my Saviour.