102 – JUST THREE WORDS (The answer to life, the Universe & everything)

JUST THREE WORDS (The answer to life, the Universe & everything)

I will attempt to reduce history’s most important truth to just three words and then explain it in less than 60 seconds. According to expert “Youtubers”, this will help capture and keep the attention of a generation that demands news in 140 characters or less, and videos shorter than one minute.

The message is that “you can live forever“; a promise guaranteed by the highest authority. You do not need to jump through hoops; you need only believe the following three words: “God Is Trustworthy”, and then, simply listen to and believe what He said.

That’s it; you don’t need to pray a prayer, go to a church, do a handstand, or chant ten Hail-Marys. But, there is a very simple condition; you must believe these three words in your heart, not just in your head,

That’s the good news; the challenge, however, is that you now have to carry out a personal investigation, as I did, to determine if what I say is true. I have some more good news; you can consider the next few pages to help get you on your way. I will try and keep them short, which will hopefully give you enough information to get started. Maybe then you can do your investigation, but not autonomously, it is essential that you consider the testimony of witnesses from history, and then use logic to test them… and me.



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