You should test everything I say, always remember that there have been many deceitful messengers and false prophets. A faithful messenger knows that the message he delivers comes from beyond himself. Whereas, a false prophet claims that he or she has secret knowledge to share with you; this is where cults originate.

A faithful messenger will call you unto God. Whereas, an imposter will try and call you unto him or herself, or maybe to the guru for whom he or she works.

If you continue to test what I am saying and continue to investigate for yourself, as crazy as it might seem to you now, like it once did to me, you may eventually conclude that all scripture is inspired by God. If so, you’ll then have a reliable standard against which to test what I, or others say.

I used to be an “Evangelical Atheist”; I could not accept the plausibility of an all-loving, all-powerful God as described in the ancient texts. If you feel that way too, then I encourage you to follow some of the links below for some great logical arguments for His existence. If those resources persuade you to at least open your mind a little, then you can come back here and consider the rest of this course. But don’t dawdle; this is extremely important to both you and those you love.

If, on the other hand, you’re ready to open your mind to the possibilities now, then keep watching and reading.

“The best way to decide if God is trustworthy is to listen to what He has to say.”


Evidence that Demands a Verdict – Josh McDowell
(Skip the intro to 1:25)

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