If you are emotionally and psychologically healthy, then you shouldn’t simply trust everything I say. After all, you don’t know me. Setting healthy boundaries about who to trust, or what to believe, results in wise life choices and healthier relationships. I am human, I am flawed and given the opportunity, I am sure that I will disappoint you. But, I can point you to someone Who is completely trustworthy… God.

So, what aspect of God is Trustworthy? In my own investigation I have found He is trustworthy in every way. For me, that is a big deal because I try to avoid using all-inclusive words like always, every, forever, never, etc. But, I am not asking you to believe everything I believe; I am suggesting a much simpler benchmark for now. I am only asking you to believe God in whatever way He reveals himself to you. BUT be careful! What I just said is probably the most dangerous message you will ever hear if you act on it without reading the next three short pages.

Throughout history many people have said or believed something based on personal revelation alone, without a benchmark for testing. This will almost always end badly as all roads definitely do not lead to Heaven. So please don’t leave now. Let me explain a little more, OK?


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